Super Primalloy Plus (SP+) Extractors And Stubby Left Hand Drill Bit Set


• FORGED CONSTRUCTION - Provides superior strength, increased breakage resistance and increased tool life.

• SQUARE SECTION STRAIGHT FLUTE DESIGN - Positively engages the broken fastener for secure extraction.

• RELIABLE EXTRACTION - Provides minimal, expansion, and deformation of the broken part for easier removal.


• LEFT HAND STUBBY DRILL BITS - Short flute and overall length increases rigidity and provides increased control for creating centered holes in broken fasteners.

• BROKEN FASTENER REMOVAL - The left hand drill rotation will often cause the fastener to back out during drilling, eliminating the need to use the screw extractors to remove broken fasteners.

• 135° SPLIT POINT - Super heavy duty 135° split point eliminates center punching, preventing walking or wandering on the work surface.

• FLATTED SHANKS - Precision ground flats on the shank eliminate drill slippage and help to prevent damage to the drill and chuck.