Bond and Seal™ Solderless Electrical Connector


• STRIP & CRIMP - IT SEALS ITSELF - Just strip the wire, insert it into Bond & Seal™ and crimp. This activates the anaerobic sealant that "pots" the connector to create an environmentally sealed connection.

• UNIQUE ANAEROBIC ENCAPSULATION - Anaerobic sealant cures in the absence of oxygen. When the connection is crimped, oxygen is removed from the connector creating an ultra-strong, moisture proof connection. Sealant outside the crimp area remains in the gel form to seal around the insulation.

• NO HEAT REQUIRED - No heat guns or torches needed – and no danger of heat to connectors or surrounding materials.

• FAST INSTALLATION - Installs in a fraction of the time of heat shrink terminals. In just 2-3 hours, the connection is fully cured.

• SUPERIOR SEALED CONNECTIONS - Innovative new sealant prevents entry of moisture, air and contaminants while the nylon insulation provides maximum abrasion and puncture resistance.

• SUPERIOR CONDUCTIVITY - With corrosion effectively sealed out, the seamless 99.9% copper connector offers optimal electrical conductivity.

• SUPERIOR PULL-OUT RESISTANCE - Bond & Seal connections have exceptionally high strength to prevent wire pull-out related failures.