Black Maxx™ Burs for steel and stainless steel

*****Made in the U.S.A.*****


• BLACK MAXX™ DESIGN - Advanced design provides extreme stock removal. Our most aggressive, smoothest running bur.

• BLACK MAXX™ TiALN COATING - Black Titanium Aluminum Nitride coating offers superior heat dissipation while providing long service life.

• CUTS FAST - Advanced teeth + TiALN coating is ideal for rapid stock removal on conventional mild steel, cast steel, cast iron and stainless steel.

• UP TO 35% FASTER than conventional burs on STEEL.

• UP TO 6X FASTER than conventional burs on STAINLESS STEEL.

• REDUCED DOWNTIME - Faster stock removal means quicker job completion; equipment can be placed back into operation sooner.

• SMOOTH PERFORMANCE - Advanced MAXX design offers smoother performance and reduced vibration & chatter.

• SUPERIOR FINISHES - Offers smoother finishes with reduced thermal discoloration on the work surface.

• EXTREME DURABILITY - Resists chipping and cracking better than conventional bur tooth geometries.